Comparing Mattresses – How to Get Started

Anyone who has ever shopped for mattresses knows just how difficult this process can be. As a savvy consumer, you want to comparison shop and find the best value, but with mattresses, this can become a little trickier than many think. Manufacturers of mattresses will often give their products very slight modifications in order to distribute mattresses to multiple sellers, giving them unique names. This can be considerably confusing when trying to form a direct comparison between two models. The best way to get started, as you compare mattresses, is to decide what you want from a mattress. Including: 1. Innerspring or Memory Foam? Memory foam is clearly the premium choice. This technology was developed to provide comfort and protection to astronauts as they experience g-forces, so it is clearly an advanced and innovative material. Tempur-Pedic is certainly a leading name for memory foam mattresses, but more and more manufactures are incorporating it into their designs as it conforms to support your body and is heat sensitive. The downside to memory foam is that it will be the more expensive of the two, and it is best to go with the leading brands because not all memory foam performs the same. The alternative is to go with the more common and more affordable innerspring mattress. 2. Firmness Researchers and medical professionals have long debated on whether a soft or firm mattress is better for your back. With most results ranging somewhere in the middle, most believe that it is important for the mattress to have some firmness so that the spine and joints are supported. Although it should be soft enough to contour to the natural curve of the body. In the end, it is important that you choose a firmness that is right for your body type, preferences, and needs. This is one reason more and more people have been choosing mattresses with memory foam, as the foam forms to provide customized support. 3. Test Regardless of whether you decide to order your mattress online or in a store, it can greatly help your decision to visit a store and try your possible mattress in person. Do not be embarrassed to lie down on the display mattresses; that is why they are there, and the store expects it. Make a note of your favorite models, and their qualities.