Top 5 Things to Stop Doing Before Bed

It can be frustrating to know that you need to go to sleep, or even be extremely tired, but not quite be able to fall asleep. Sometimes you can feel restless, fidgety, or have immense trouble trying to find a comfortable position. While a supportive mattress can make a big difference, you may be guilty partaking in some of the top five bad habits that you need to stop doing right before bed, including: Drink a Lot of Fluids Most people know that you should not drink anything with caffeine in the evening, or alcohol, but it can be smart to avoid liquids all together in the last two hours before bedtime. While you should not go to bed thirsty, the extra large glass of water or milk that you enjoy before bed could cause you to wake several time in the night for bathroom breaks. Exercise Exercising is extremely important to your health, and it can actually improve your quality of sleep, but not if you are exercising right before you try to go to bed. Exercise causes your body temperature to rise and gives you a natural boost in energy, making it difficult to fall asleep the first couple of hours after your workout. If you prefer to workout at night, try to schedule your exercise session for at least a few hours before bedtime. Work or Study Your bed should only be used as a bed, and not as a table or a desk. It is essential that you train your mind and body to only associate your bed with sleep, instead of work and stress. Especially if you work or study right before bed, you stimulate your brain and can cause stress, which can make it hard for you to relax and sleep. Watch TV Many people claim that they need to have a television or radio on in order to go to sleep, but this can actually make it much harder for you to achieve quality sleep cycles. Studies have shown that watching television or using a computer soon before bed can actually decrease melatonin production in your body, which is a hormone that promotes sleep. Eat a Large Meal The reason we eat is to intake calories, which provide energy to our bodies. It stands to reason that the last thing your body needs right before going to bed is a huge energy boost. While you might feel tired right after consuming a large meal, your overall quality of sleep will likely suffer.